Don’t delay – Act NOW on the new Package Travel Regulations

There’s no denying that the Government’s delay in issuing new draft Package Travel Regulations is risking leaving too little time for travel businesses to assess and implement changes to contracts, booking conditions and IT systems by the July 1st 2018 deadline.

The results of a Government consultation on the draft regulations was expected to have been published in the latter part of 2017 and the draft Regulations themselves to be available early in 2018; but the industry is now only set to see the actual proposed text of the Regulations by the middle of February 2018, with a consultation period of six to eight weeks following that. Added to this is a Department for Transport consultation on the new ATOL Regulations and the CAA consultation on the ATOL standard terms during February 2018.

All that means it will be the end of March 2018 at earliest before travel companies can really give serious consideration to how they may be affected by what will amount to significant changes in travel law.

Many travel businesses are concerned that this timescale leaves them insufficient time to properly consider their position……. But that isn’t an excuse to do nothing. Although the Government still haven’t pinned their colours well and truly to the flag on the exact wording of the Regulations, they have consistently been clear that it will be their intention to adopt a ‘cut and paste’ approach to the implementation of the 2015 European Directive on Package Travel. The travel industry have had good warning of the broad scope and effect of the new Regulations: enough to make a plan A at least

So don’t delay in considering the impact that these Regulations will have on your business. Here are some things that you could be thinking about now:-

• How will you provide the required standard pre-contractual information to your customers?

• What will your travel booking conditions need to say?

• When is your next insurance renewal and what additional cover might you need?

• If you are likely to be exposed to increased liabilities under the new Regulations, does that means that you will need stronger provisions in your contracts with your suppliers and other business partners?

If you need any help in thinking about these impacts, contact us for an initial free half hour consultation.

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