As a new or existing travel company, knowing what travel licenses and memberships protections are needed for which of your sales can be a headache to say the least. Our consultants’ years of experience and knowledge will ease that burden allowing you to spend time where it’s better spent and this includes help and support IATA Applications.

IATA Applications

At Serenity Professionals we have extensive experience in supporting new IATA applicants and existing members by:-

– Giving advice on the financial and other requirements for new and ongoing IATA agents;

– Giving guidance on the most appropriate type of IATA accreditation for you and whether any variations are required to an existing accreditation;

– Completing or reviewing your IATA application form, business plan, financial projections and other supporting documentation;

– Liaising, negotiating and corresponding with IATA throughout the application process;

– Helping existing IATA agents with annual account submission and Notice of Changes

– Giving support and advice about the meeting of IATA grant or renewal requirements;

– Advising you about and helping you to arrange any bonding, trust account or other security requirements required.

ATOL Reform & regulations


Help is also on hand to ease the administrative burden that ABTA Membership Applications can bring. We are also very experienced in all aspects of ATOL Licensing, ATOL Returns & ATOL RenewalsContact us for more information.