• Travel Trade Insurance

Travel Trade Insurance

Cut through the mass of options for insurances for travel businesses in one easy hit.

There are so many different insurances on the market for travel companies. It’s hard to know which ones are worth the premiums:

Financial failure insurance,

Supplier failure insurance,

Public liability insurance,

Professional indemnity insurance,

Scheduled airline failure insurance,

Cyber insurance,

Tour organiser’s’ insurance..

the list goes on.

Protect your travel business

We can give you independent advice about the different types of protection that are required or recommended for the different aspects of your travel business. As part of that advice, we will introduce you to a range of independent travel specialist providers of:-

Tour Operators, Public and Products Liability Insurance
Professional Indemnity Insurance
Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance
Supplier Failure Cover
Cruise Protection Cover
Financial Failure Insurance
Response Insurance
ATOL bonding
ABTA principal bonding
ABTA retail bonding
IATA Financial Security
Airline Security Deposit Guarantee
Travel Trust Accounts

travel trade insurance

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