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We want to get to know you: it’s part of our service. Our travel law professionals work closely with travel companies in relation to their legal and commercial needs and have a thorough understanding of the complex legislation affecting the travel industry. This means they are capable of applying that knowledge, taking a practical problem-solving approach.

Travel Regulatory Advice

Travel Regulatory Advice

It goes without saying that all the advice our travel lawyers give on any topic is given against our background of experience and thorough working knowledge of:-

  • The Package Travel Regulations and EU Directive on Package Travel;
  • The ATOL Regulations, ATOL standard terms and ATOL mandated terms;
  • The ABTA Code of Conduct;
  • The travel industry’s preferred and best practice.

Booking Conditions

It’s tempting to think that a competing travel business’s booking conditions are good enough for you to just copy. They aren’t! Travel companies are as diverse in  their selling structures as they are in the holidays they sell so a professionally drafted set of bespoke booking conditions is an investment you will never regret making. READ MORE ON BOOKING CONDITIONS

booking conditions

Commercial Agreements

In the travel industry, business to business trade is just as important as business to consumer trade so it’s important to carefully consider the terms on which you will trade with your valued business partners. We understand how the business dynamics between travel companies work, so can draft realistic commercial agreements for you which will protect your interests, but at the same time will enhance your relationships in the corporate world. Our expertise covers:-

  • Agency agreements (including ATOL mandated terms and TOMS compliant);
  • Supplier contracts and indemnities;
  • Partnership and joint venture agreements; all with a cross border element.

Company Support

Let us support you as well as the way you do business by helping you with your corporate requirements:-

  • Corporate governance and systems auditing;
  • Business start-ups and company incorporation;
  • Partnerships and LLPs;
  • Shareholders’ agreements.
accountancy support
intellectual property

Intellectual Property

Branding and database ownership is key in any consumer facing industry so protecting your intellectual property assets is essential. We have travel-specific experience in:-

  • Trademark registration, rights and renewal;
  • passing off and domain names;
  • Copyright, confidential information and database rights.


Bespoke Travel Services

Only the truest specialist travel professionals can offer sound support and advice about some things:-

  • ATOL Accredited Bodies – set up, membership and ATOL standard terms and consumer booking conditions;
  • Travel Trusts – ATOL standard trust deeds and non-ATOL trust account set up and structure;
  • ATOL Protection Charge rebates;
  • Agent for Consumer Structuring;
  • TOMS VAT avoidance.

We’ve been at the cutting edge of them all.

commercial agreements
Travel Regulatory Advice

Establishing a UK arm of an existing overseas business?

We also have experience in supporting travel companies in obtaining the necessary UK visas in Tiers 1 to 5, as well as work permits necessary to allow your personnel to remain in the country to get your business off the ground.

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