• ATOL Renewal & Support

Even if you’ve been an ATOL holder for years, you need to keep a clean record as far as your ATOL activity is concerned.

We can provide you with ongoing ATOL support by:-


Giving guidance on any variations required to the terms of your ATOL Licence,

Carrying out ‘ATOL compliance audits’,

Support for your ‘Accountable Person’ and their training,

Completing or reviewing your  ATOL renewal form and checklist,

Attending any necessary meetings with you and the CAA,

Liaising, negotiating and corresponding with the CAA on your behalf,

Giving support and advice about the meeting of any ATOL renewal requirements;

Helping you to identify and monitor your ATOL licensable sales and the completion of ATOL returns;

Advising you about and helping you to arrange any bonding, trust account or other security requirements.

Negotiating the terms of a travel trust account as an alternative to ATOL bonding;

ATOL certificates and your responsibilities


And our legal professionals are of course fully equipped to help you with CAA/ATOL mandated agency terms.


Tricks of the Trade…..

Our holistic knowledge of all that is travel regulation means that our professionals can sometimes pull rabbits out of hats using tricks of the travel trade:-

Financial and structural ring fencing arrangements and restructures;

Trust accounts and blocked cash/ charge accounts;

Mergers, acquisitions, disposals and refinancing;


And our access to the full range of professionals – legal, accounting and trade, means that we can pull these arrangements together quickly and efficiently, sometimes meaning the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful ATOL application.


And for larger organisations…

Consumers benefit from broader financial protection than ever following the recent reform of the ATOL Regulations and Package Travel Regulations. This means that smaller travel companies are more likely that ever to join a collective organisation where they can take advantage of a group ATOL or ABTA membership. We have unrivalled knowledge and expertise advising and setting up these larger ‘consortia’ of members including advice on:-

Accredited Body ATOL Standard Terms

Becoming an Accredited Body

Devising ATOL franchise structures

Negotiating ATOL franchises with the CAA

ATOL Application Support 

Accredited Body and ATOL franchise

Travel Trust Accounts

Accredited Body and ATOL franchise membership agreements

ATOL mandated agency terms


Remember: we are always on hand to give you an initial free consultation about what your travel business may require; or you can find more information and guidance on ATOL here.



Help is also on hand to ease the administrative burden that ABTA membership can bring. We are experienced in all aspects of ABTA Licensing as well as IATA membership help & support. Contact us for more information.