Advice On All Aspects Of Travel Licensing including ABTA, ATOL & IATA.

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As a new or existing travel company, knowing what travel licenses and memberships protections are needed for which of your sales can be a headache to say the least. Our consultants’ years of experience and knowledge will ease that burden allowing you to spend time where it’s better spent.


It goes without saying that all our advice on any topic is given against our background of experience and thorough working knowledge of:-


Your chosen agent or principal status;

The Requirements of the Package Travel Regulations and EU Directive on Package Travel; The ATOL Regulations, ATOL standard terms and ATOL mandated terms; The ABTA Code of Conduct; The travel industry’s preferred and best practice; Your particular administrative, sales and accounting restrictions.

atol licence application

Air Travel Organiser’s Licenses (ATOL)

Whether you are a new applicant or are renewing your existing licence, we can ease the burden by giving guidance on the most appropriate type of ATOL for your business. Read More on ATOL Licensing

ABTA Licensing advice

ABTA Licenses & Advice

Help is on hand to ease the administrative burden that ABTA membership can bring. We are experienced in all aspects of ABTA Licensing. Read More On ABTA Licensing and the services we provide in this area of expertise.

ATOL Reform & regulations

IATA Assistance

In the same way, we support new IATA applicants and existing members by:-Giving comprehensive advice on the financial and other requirements for new and ongoing IATA agents. Read More on how we can help with IATA

Tricks of the Trade

Our holistic knowledge of all that is travel regulation means that our professionals can sometimes pull rabbits out of hats using tricks of the trade:-Financial and structural ring fencing arrangements and restructures;    Trust accounts and blocked cash/ charge accounts;    Mergers, acquisitions, disposals and refinancing;
And our access to the full range of professionals – legal, accounting and trade, means that we can pull these arrangements together quickly and efficiently, sometimes meaning the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful application.

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