Serenity Professionals – Our Ethos

It goes without saying that we aim to deliver services to you which befit the level of experience and knowledge of our professionals. But we also believe in delivering a service which is fair, honest and impartial, from the inside out.  We want to put you in a position to make informed decisions about how to use the services advertised on this website.

A number of these services are provided by third parties, all of whom we have taken care to select for our recommendation. It is important to us that we retain our independence when recommending third parties to you and that we always act in your best interests. For you, this means:-

– we will promptly and fully inform you of any financial or other interest which
we have in referring you to another person or business or any limitations
that person or business may have in being able to advise you appropriately;
the service(s) we recommend to you will be suitable for your needs and budget;
– we have the freedom to recommend any third party services to you
– we don’t  enter into ‘exclusivity’ agreements with any one particular
supplier of services which means we have access to an extensive range
of expertise and pricing structures;

We aim to match your requirements to the expertise of Serenity’s travel lawyers and accountants. This doesn’t always mean that you pay the lowest price for a service, but it does mean that we will offer or recommend the best value for the service you have requested. All of our professionals have pricing structures that are competitive in the market and will work on the basis of fixed and agreed fees which we are happy to negotiate on your behalf.

The pool of specialist travel lawyers, accountants and other professionals we have built are all independently and professionally qualified, appropriately regulated and insured. When agreeing to retain a recommended professional your contract will be directly with the person or business concerned and unless stated otherwise, Serenity Professionals will have no liability for the services supplied.

Contact us for more detail via our contact form and we will get straight back to you!